March 2023
New routes and distance of 43K for the Bologna Marathon in TRAIL 2023

The Bologna Marathon in Trail, scheduled for Sunday 14 May 2023 with departure and arrival in the splendid setting of the Salute Più Village, presents a completely renewed third edition.
In fact, this year's FIDAL races all have new routes and at the SHORT distances of 15km and 550D+  and LONG 30km 1100D+, which are also the CIS provincial and regional championship, we add a spectacular ULTRA track of 43km and 1400D+.
The LONG and ULTRA distances are qualifying races for the UTMB World Series and, while the 30 KM gives one point for the ITRA classification, the 43 KM gives 2.
The 6 km non-competitive "CSI" route, suitable for families and walkers, is also unprecedented and panoramic.
The event presents itself as a great celebration of running in nature, even more beautiful for the hundreds of participants expected and for the accompanying persons, also thanks to the welcome and the numerous services offered by a unique location such as the Villaggio della Salute Più, between including the very rich final refreshment with pizza, pasta, thermal beer from the Salute+ Group and ice cream offered by Sammontana.

The routes of the race, also included in the Bologna Trail Series circuit, develop completely in the territory of the Municipality of Monterenzio - a town in the Apennines south-east of Bologna - which extends over a green area set between the Idice valley and that of Sillaro.
Let's discover the places in the area that meet the ULTRA route and, in part, also the SHORT and LONG ones:
After starting from the heart of the Village, it develops for about 3 km on flat land on what was a former Allied airport during the Second World War, to access the Lake Oasis by crossing a small ford on the Sillaro stream.
The route then crosses the town of San Clemente, takes Via Calvanella, the "Boston by way", a gravel road that goes up the Rio S. Clemente up to the panoramic watershed which originates the Quaderna torrent to the north, to then reach the Nicoletta Dairy, 1st refreshment of the race.
Then you go down a beautiful dirt road which runs along the ridge of Rignano Vecchio among woods, cultivated fields and gully formations until you pass the ruins of the Church of S. Cassiano and reach the second refreshment point on the property of the Ca' Sillaro Ca' Mulino Village .
Among the points touched by the route, the beautiful Middle Sillaro Valley with a wide and panoramic path up to the particular Zello Thermal Oasis.
The route also features a series of "ups & downs" offering various glimpses and panoramas up to Cima Monterenzio, 600m above sea level, the highest point where it is possible to admire the whole valley at 360 degrees.
From here on, a fun downhill "single track" begins that plunges into the hill where the Villaggio della Salute Più stands up to the finish, where we will celebrate the finishers of this edition together.



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