May 2022

An almost summer day, so it could be considered the Sunday of the second edition of the Bologna Marathon in Trail, back on the calendar in a different season than last year when it took place in autumn.

Different colors and lots of people in the race, for the two distances of 30 and 14 km, but above all a great desire to test themselves in what is already considered a classic of off-road racing, not only in Emilia. Hundreds of them left Monterenzio, with many initiatives surrounding the races which, for their part, were exciting. Even if, at least the 30 km, it has found its dominator.
Gianfranco Gotti did not leave room for his opponents, with a long-range escape that allowed him to accumulate a huge advantage. In the end, the athlete from Paratico crossed the finish line in 2h29'45 "with 16'29" on Antonio Adamo (Atl.Corriferrara) and 19'08 "on Leonardo Barioni (Uisp Com.Terr.Bologna). Among the women, excellent performance by Manuela Serra (Persicetana Podistica) who in 3h09'07 "finished 16th overall, preceding by 5'20" Catia Borsari (Atl.Castenaso Celtic Druid) and 10'57 "Eleonora Melloni.
The fight was much more intense on the 14 km where Simone Romagnoli (Modena Atl.) Finally won in 58'37 "with a 42" lead from Christian Dall'Olio (Atl.Castenaso Celtic Druid). These were the only athletes who managed to get under the hour, third in fact Filippo Tirapani in 1h00'24 ". In the women's field, victory for Ludovica Mei (Triiron) in 1h16'23 "with 29" over Vanessa Ganci and 3'09 "over Marianna Artoni (Pod.Pontelungo Bologna).

Standings Bologna Marathon in Trail 2022

The success of the event was also made possible by the welcome that the Villaggio della Salute Più gave it, hosting in addition to the many accompanying initiatives within the framework of the Natura World Sport Day coordinated by the CSI also all the pre and post-race services. Thanks also go to the Municipal Administration of Monterenzio and to the associations and volunteers who did their utmost to ensure the success of the event.

Now all efforts will be concentrated towards the return of the Bologna Marathon, the road one for next year.


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